About us

Belvoir CastleNumber of members:

Approximately 30.

Where we are based:

UK, nationwide.

What we do best:

Authenticity and initiative. We research and use accurate period equipment and attempt to limit the practical compromises required in using horses safely and humanely. As well as using the most authentic materials and equipment that we can, our commands and drill are based on that documented by Cruso and Vernon and the use of pistols and carbines has always been encouraged.

Since the 1970's we have been at the forefront of recreating British cavalry from periods other than the English Civil Wars. We can provide a stand-alone 1685 Oxford Blues display and a multi-period Cavalry Through the Ages display.

Losely ParkWhere the horses come from:

There are a handful of horse contractors in the UK whose horses are primarily used for film work and re-enactments. We train on these horses and many of us are familiar with them. A few of our members own their own horses and bring them to events with great success.

What special considerations we have as regiment of Horse:

Safety. The welfare of the horses and the safety of the public and participants is our primary concern and dictates how, when and where we operate.

When were we formed:

The Captain General's Lifeguard was formed in 1968 within The Sealed Knot Society (The Captain General being Brigadier Peter Young, the founder of The Sealed Knot). Sir William Waller's Horse was formed 1971. The two were merged in 1979 but officially remained The Captain General's Lifeguard and only renamed Sir William Waller's Lifeguard of Horse upon Brigadier Peter Young's death in 1988.

CornetThe colours:

We use Sir William Waller's personal cornet as documented from when he was appointed Colonel. It contains a walnut tree from which is hung a shield. All elements are taken from his family's coat of arms. The cornet also contains the family motto "Fructus Virtutis" which translates as "the fruit of valour".


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